Thursday, December 1, 2011

Welcome, fiends!

Welcome to my blog! I started this blog because: 1) I’m too long-winded for Twitter, and: 2) I wanted a place to rave about the things it seems that nobody loves but me. You’ll likely find a combination of posts on music, actors, movies, television, animals and farming. I like photography, so you’ll probably find a quantity of pictures here too.
As some of the other bloggers I know do, I’m going to put a nice little disclaimer out there so you know what you’re getting into…
- I am a farmhand. I may write about subjects such as births or deaths of animals, as well as processing and eating them. Animals can be dirty, they can be hilarious, they can be tasty. If you are offended by the killing of animals for food, you can walk away now… or simply avoid any of my posts using terms such as: processing, slaughter, evisceration, etc.
- I have a foul mouth. This comes from many years working in male-dominated workplaces, as well as from reading a lot of low-quality novels as a youngster. I don’t simply curse, I curse creatively. If this bothers you, once again, now would be a good time to walk away.
- I’m operating under no delusions of being cool. You can laugh at me. I’m happy to laugh at myself. Ridicule me, however, and you’ll get a very different response.
- I don’t enjoy discussing politics or religion and I don’t enjoy being browbeat by people who think I need to believe as they do. I consider myself to be a middle of the road nonconformist. There will be no more discussion of my personal politics.
- I like actors. And obscure films. I seek them out. I key on an actor and will watch their entire catalog. From time to time, I will share details of such journeys. My personal favorites will become obvious. Quickly.
- I like music. A lot of which you’ve never heard of if you didn’t spend your teen years in 1990’s Seattle. A lot of which you still haven’t heard of. A lot of which you won’t even be able to find. And I will talk about this stuff endlessly.
- I like literature. But not the highbrow stuff. I’ll regale you with comments on which terrible books should be made into moves for the sci-fi channel (which I cannot stomach having to refer to by the moniker of SyFy).
- I talk about my friends, though I’m not mean-spirited or gossipy about them. Friends will be referred to by given nicknames or initials. I loathe invading the privacy of others and leave it up to them whether or not they want to have an official internet persona.
- There will be ducks. If you suffer from Anatidaephobia, you might want to exit the blog now.

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