Saturday, December 3, 2011

Extra, extra, read all about it...

...because I doubt you've seen it. And you're less likely to have seen ME in it!

Here is the sum total of my acting career, if you can call it that. Cutting room floor stuff. But hey, feigning excitement for the camera and having the opportunity to observe professionals was worth the "Five more minutes. So sorry guys, just five more minutes!" factor.

Music video. For a Christmas song parody. Mind you, they film videos for Christmas songs in the summer. This is "I am Santa Claus" by Bob Rivers.
I am Santa Claus!
This was fun, less the waiting. Crowd surfing elves simply rock. The vocalist is Rockfish, a local radio host who is best known for KISW's Metal Shop back in the day. I had a radio fangirl crush on him because he was not only the most awesome radio host who always played my oddball requests, but because he was always super nice to me.

Real movie. As in: this was shown in theaters. The film was The Sixth Man, shot in Seattle on the University of Washington campus. I got talked into doing this by a friend who had gotten a paid extra position. It was very similar to my first extra experience: jumping out of my seat, feigning excitement while watching a basketball game in which an invisible player was scoring all the baskets. I've never actually seen the film because the friend who had talked me into doing it was tragically killed before it came out. I still haven't been able to bring myself to watch it.

Here's the imdb.

I have so much more appreciation for real actors having pretended to be one on those two occasions. Don't bother trying to find me... even if I made it in, who wants to continue pausing crowd shots in order to find some blogger fangirl. I don't. I can be seen for about half a second in the opening credits of Queensryche's Live:Evolution DVD... I need to re-buy that so I can screencap myself.


  1. The Sixth Man got a higher rating on imdb than all the twilight movies

  2. Interesting. I keep trying to make myself seek it out and see it, but I just can't do it. It's probably a great film in someone's eyes. If it weren't somewhat connected to something terrible, I'd be all over it.