Sunday, December 11, 2011

Six degrees of what the crap is that...?

I was intending to do a post on one of the bands that lives in my Mp3 player. Somehow that morphed to "What was that Syfy film with the big, evil snake?"
Which, in turn, lead to a long, winding road of fangirl connections. So I give you the first installment of...
"Six Degrees of What The Crap is That???"

One of the bands that has a permanent home in my Mp3 player is a group called Underground Moon. I doubt you've heard of them. I found them by somewhat of a lucky coincidence while looking up a band that I like from my pre-teen years. Here's some Underground Moon samples, courtesy of Scroll down for samples.

Underground Moon has a song on a Syfy network film. It was a trip to be watching this film and recognize a song. The song is called "Shed The Skin." You can check it out at the previous link. The film is Mega Snake.
Mega Snake IMDB. 

Mega Snake features Michael Shanks of Stargate SG-1 fame. Michael Shanks also played Victor in Burn Notice.

Michael Shanks...
From the Burn Notice connection, you can go with Bruce Campbell (Sam Axe)...

Or you can go with Tim Matheson (Dead Larry)...

From there, the possibilities are endless. I think I only went five degrees with this, but hey, it was an interesting trip down fangirl lane. I could write for 20 hours easy connecting every band I've ever liked with one another, but that'll have to wait for another day.

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