Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cool Stuff from my Cool Stuff collection! (other cool stuff edition)

Here's some more of the odd treasures I found while digging through my storage room. Most of it is photography-related, but not all of it.

You saw the photo passes I posted in the previous post, I hope. Well, this is the other part of the puzzle:

This was once on the wall in the photography room at my high school:

This photo was one of a set that I entered in an radio station art contest, trying to win Pearl Jam tickets. My entry was good enough to make it to final judging, but didn't win. I was under 18 anyway, so I suppose they wouldn't have given me the tickets. Unfortunately, the other photos in the set got lost at the station. The theme was: "Fight Hate, Educate."

Here is the letter the station sent me. You'll see other correspondance from them further along...
Invitation to the school district's art show which I entered twice. One of the entries also made it to the finals but didn't win.

Radio station KISW put on a concert series and various other promotional events during the year. As a photography student, I always wanted a moving target, so I attended many of their events. After a while, I had befriended many of their radio personalities and their promotions guy. I sent a collection of my work to the station and received this note back, ironically when I had just started to think that my calling was radio and not photography.

Later, when I was in broadcasting class, a friend and I got to go down to the station and watch their morning show live from the studio. These are the promotional items they gave to their guests:

This black notebook contains my concert journal from my teen years:

This is the "band" my friend and I created as teenagers. The band: Empty Stage. The hit song: "Five Minutes of Silence." The band never had to practice much...

The above-mentioned friend was quite the artistic talent. I told her I was going to keep all of her notes to me and write a book about her someday. She threatened a very slow, very painful death on me. Most of that stuff has been long left behind over many moves, but here's a little treasure:

I like baseball. Here's my little collection of baseball ticket stubs:

And finally these two trading cards, the only ones I have left from the horror movie collection:

Cool Stuff from my Cool Stuff collection! (Music Edition)

I had to go up into my storage room earlier while looking for something. Didn't find what I was looking for (may have been lost in a move), but I did find these rare and interesting treasures:

Second Coming promotional poster:

FTA promotional flyer. FTA stands for "Funding The Album" and was the name the cover band version of Second Coming used at clubs. FTA was probably the best cover band I ever heard.

Second Coming's Pandemonium cover:

Queensryche Fan Club membership:

A hand-written letter from Jeff Pilson (Dokken, Underground Moon, War & Peace):
Flyer from KISW's Pain in the Grass concert series:
Book made for me by a friend in high school who was sick and tired of my fangirling. I die in the end.
Backstage pass from Super Deluxe at the Moore Theater. The bassist (or maybe it was the guitarist) of Man Ray spilled a drink on me at this event:
Dokken setlist and concert ticket from The Firwood in Fife. Dokken was my first favorite childhood band. Anyone remember the moment you stopped listening only to what your parents liked?
Photo pass for a KGRG event at Green River Community College. Thanks to Goodness!
Pass for the Sunnyside Music Festival at the Capitol Theater in Olympia, a favorite place to see shows:
Photo Pass from Pain in the Grass 1994:

Photo Pass from Pain in the Grass 1995:
Passes from Pain in the Grass 1996:

Backstage Pass from Marilyn Manson show (found after the show), along with photos I took:
Super Deluxe postcard promoting Via Satellite:
Lazy Susan setlist from Bumbershoot:
Postcard from Credo of Sweet Water replying to a letter I wrote the band in regards to a show that never existed, yet was advertised by the club:

Schedule from End Fest 1995:
Goodness set lists:
Autographed Super Deluxe set list:

The Cunninghams promo postcard:
Guitar picks. The Dokken pick is from when Reb Beach (ex-Winger) played guitar for them.

The only proof that I snuck into Brewstock as a teenager:
The ticket stub collection:
And some cool stickers: