Friday, December 2, 2011

From the obscure DVD collection...

Just watched Safe House again last night. It's been a while, but it was satisfying as always. This film was one I discovered years ago while Netflixing Patrick Stewart's body of work. I think aside from Picard on ST:TNG, this is my favorite Stewart character, therefore Safe House is up pretty high in my hierarchy of movies that nobody has seen but me.

The basic premise is that Stewart's character, Mace Sowell thinks someone is trying to kill him. But is there really a killer lurking, or is it all in his mind? The film is quirky at times and has me laughing out loud occasionally. But there's a deeper story.

I tend to keep my film descriptions minimalistic in order to not spoil the fun.

I love quoting this film, but nobody ever gets it. "I can assure you, I did not put that there." is my favorite line. It has to be done in exactly the right cadence to truly enjoy the quote value.

This film also features Kimberly Williams and Hector Elizondo. It's definitely worth Netflixing if you haven't seen it.

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