Saturday, December 31, 2011

More music from my MP3 player...

Figured I'd pick up where I left off and give everyone a little more of what I listen to...

Seven Mary Three:
Best known for tracks "Cumbersome" and "Waters Edge" from their first album, Seven Mary Three was once referred to as "a wannabe Pearl Jam" by a friend who also told me she was ashamed of me for buying their first album. I never really understood the Pearl Jam comparison, but American Standard was a stereotypical 90's radio rock CD by all accounts.

The above video is for "Headstrong," which is probably my favorite track from American Standard. You can find sound samples from the album here.
While American Standard is stereotypical radio rock, their following albums are the reason they have a permanent home on the MP3 player.

Their second release, Rock Crown, is an incredibly melancholy, rootsy, sonic treat. I must have found this one at the used record store at just the right time, because there's about a year of my life, where this never left my car's CD player. From opening track "Lucky" to final track, "Oven," this is a paradise for the somewhat depressed to sing along to.

The above video is "Times Like These." More sound samples can be found here.

Third album Orange Ave continues where Rock Crown left off. Orange Ave is another of my favorites, with tracks like "Each Little Mystery" and "Southwestern State" as highlights. This is another one where I know I was going through something when I picked this up at the used record store. As an aside, I miss used record stores. They are a dying breed, so if you still have one in your community, please support it!
Video is an acoustic version of "Southwestern State." You can find more sound samples here.
Soon after picking up Orange Ave at the used record store, I found The Economy of Sound on the new release rack of another small music store I used to frequent. Once again, I have to mention how important it is to spend your money at small, local music and video stores unless you want them all to go out of business! Economy is a stronger rock album than the previous two, only without that overly-polished feel of American Standard. "Faster" and "Man in Control?" are my favorite tracks on the CD. The previous three albums were with me through some sad times in my early 20's and are always going to be amongst my favorites for that reason.
"Wait" from The Economy of Sound. You can find more sound samples here.
Seven Mary Three has a couple more records out there that I don't have and an EP: Welcome Race Fans. Welcome Race Fans is a limited release and features "Without You Feels" and three other tracks. You can find Welcome Race Fans here. I fully intend to pick up the rest of Seven Mary Three's back catalog once I recover from Post-Holiday Brokeness.

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