Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Music...

My taste in holiday music is just as eccentric as my taste in everything else. So I'm going to share some holiday music you may have never heard of!

First, let's revisit Bob Rivers. Bob Rivers and his friends have put out tons of awesome holiday parody music for your enjoyment. I personally cannot resist "Wreck the Malls" ("tamper with their Muzak system; switch something for Twisted Sister") and "Grahbe Yahbalz" ("Grahbe Yahbalz like Michael Jackson...").
I Am Santa Claus video here.
There's no sound samples, but here are the listings for:
Twisted Christmas
I Am Santa Claus

Electric Holiday:
This one was given to me as a holiday gift by my high school friend, MI. I had already made it through the gag gifts, as we were sitting in the parking lot of a used record store. MI handed this wrapped gift, obviously a CD, with a look on her face. And I knew exactly what it was, especially when she said that she had bought it for me, but she really didn't want to give it to me. I actually looked for a long time to find another one to give to her (before the days of home CD burning), but never succeeded.
I still have this and was listening to it in my car while running a couple last-minute errands today. Fun little poppy EP with a ridiculously adorable cover!
Electric Holiday on amazon.

Trim the Tree:
I bought this last one myself while trying to find another copy of the above CD for my friend. This one's a prize winner in many ways. Lyrics like: "Well it's Christmas Eve, everybody knows that it's time to leave, crust of plastic snow stapled to the eaves, Order up another shot for me..." are so appropriate for the holiday experience of any grown person. The song, "(LGH) For Christmas," is ridiculously fun... if you have a sense of humor. It's the ultimate holiday stoner song: "...then we'll drop some Frosty Windowpane and dream of Screaming Candycanes..." My ex-hippie mom loved this thing to death, though I had to agree to not play it around the grandparents, for obvious reasons.

This wins the gift-wrapping accompaniment award for me this year, even though track four, ("Yule Log") is actually the sound of a log crackling on the fireplace.

Trim the Tree on amazon.

Wishing you many musical adventures in the New Year!


  1. Remember how extremely impossible it was to get a copy of electric holiday??? I still don't have a copy. I do have the screaming santas though.

  2. Oh, do I ever? I so wanted to get a copy for the friend who bought one for me. Now you can find it used on amazon if you get lucky.