Monday, December 5, 2011


Happy Monday, everyone!

Today's selection from the awesome obscure movie vault is Intruder. This film features some of my favorite people: Danny Hicks, Ted Raimi and Sam Raimi, with a Bruce Campbell cameo for good measure. Don't blink, you'll miss him!

The premise behind this one is...

Creepy douchebag is harassing the employees of a local grocery store...
Starts a huge scuffle...

And may still be lurking in the store...

That's when people start dying...
This film really has it all. Not only is this one of the very few examples of Sam Raimi (above, on the meat hook) acting, but Danny Hicks is amazing! It's got plenty of suspense and an equal dose of gratuitous gore. This film will keep you watching as you try to determine who's killing who. Intruder rates a 5 out of 5 on the obscurefilm-o-meter.

More Sam Raimi:

More Sam Raimi:

Ted Raimi eating watermelon:

Danny Hicks, one of the nicest actors I've met:

I'm not going to give away where the Bruce Campbell appearance is. You'll have to look for him yourself.
Intruder IMDB here.

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