Sunday, December 4, 2011

My apologies...

First, my apologies to my readers. I know I had planned on putting some movie reviews up here this weekend. I'm still screencapping the films, so it's on the list. I figured I needed some photos to help me review obscure movies that nobody has seen but me.

Second, I owe a very belated apology to my older cousin, LD. She was the victim of so much musical abuse from me over the years and rarely complained. I dragged her to a ridiculous amount of concerts that she would have never gone to willingly otherwise, made her part of every ridiculous scheme I ever came up with, all of which were designed to get us in trouble. For every gig involving buck ass naked men painted blue and playing indescribable noise that could be construed as music, I am truly sorry. She was also my guinea pig for watching really, really, really bad movies. To the woman who cheerfully tolerated Hard Rock Zombies, Return of the Living Dead, Black Roses and a million more terrible films alongside me: Thank you and I'm sorry.

Some concerts I dragged cousin LD to:
Duran Duran (ok, this might have been forgiveable considering her musical taste)
My Sister's Machine with The Pleasure Elite (blue-painted men)
Queensryche (three times, twice with Type O Negative)
Lollapalooza 1994. (so sorry I dragged you into the mosh pit... no water, dust flying everywhere, super hot and you had to put up with me fangirling about Alice in Chains)

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