Friday, December 2, 2011

Burn Notice Villains Love/Hate

I'm in full-fledged Anson-hating mode after last night's Burn Notice. I guess it's time for little Burn Notice Villain Love/Hate (besides this is a chance for me to give some fangirl love...). In no particular order:

Carla = Hate. It wasn't so much that she was scary. Or playing head games. She was simply an annoying, manipulative bitch. Glad Fi got rid of her.

Larry = Love. Personal favorite villain. Love Tim Matheson, sad to see him go. Perfect level of creepy villain factor.

Brennen = Hate. Glad Larry ended him... lesser of two evils situation. Brennen annoyed me.

Gilroy = Love. Didn't want to like him, but just when he really started to grow on me... kaboom! Chris Vance is awesome.

Simon = Hate. Simon is just plain mad. A worthy villain by all acounts, but also a real dickhead.

Management = Hate. If for no other reason than because of his connection with Anson and the underground network. Can't comment too much more, as Management wasn't seen much.

Anson = Super Hate. This character just makes my skin crawl. Wish he had been blown up instead of Larry. I keep waiting for that "turning point" moment where I grudgingly begin to like a villain, but I doubt it will happen with Anson.

Have I left out a ton of bad guys? Of course. But I think I covered most of the biggies.

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