Friday, December 2, 2011

Sweet Water!!!

I decided I should post a slightly belated review of the Sweet Water gig I saw recently. I realize that I now have more friends who are not from Seattle than I ever did before and that a lot of them are not up on the music I spent my teen years (and beyond) with.

I discovered Sweet Water in the 90's, when their first album received a decent amount of airplay on the local rock stations. They were always one of those groups who made themselves more accessible to younger fans who weren't old enough to get into the clubs. They played places like the Seattle Center, Westlake Center, The Capitol Theater in Olympia and The Moore Theater. A Sweet Water show was always guaranteed to be a good time.

Years later, they still put out music and play occasional shows. Original drummer Paul Uhlir left the band and was replaced with Chris Friel, another awesome local drummer, best known for playing with groups such as Goodness and El Steiner. While I love Chris Friel's drumming, I am still having trouble adjusting to having him in Sweet Water. I'm not sure if it's just me or if his style is noticeably different, but it seems to work for them.

My good friend TB graciously allowed me to stay at her place, so I was able to make the trip over to see them at Neumo's. Opening act 9fifty9 (Or is it Nine50nine? Someone correct me.) was a blast, featuring Ty Willman (formerly of Green Apple Quick Step and Novatone, whom I will blog about eventually) and the awesome Jeremy Lightfoot on bass. I have to rave about Jeremy when given the chance (he shares my appreciation for Bruce Campbell) and really makes a bass guitar do things you wouldn't expect one to. 959 is a very new band and it showed a little, goofy antics and self-deprecating jokes being thrown out between songs. I think there is a huge potential there and look forward to seeing them again.

I missed the second band. Something about hard ciders... many of them. My apologies to the musicians that I may have dissed by taking an extended drinky break.

Sweet Water played an amazing set. I have always had a great time at their shows, but this one was super-sharp and beyond top notch. I have to thank the band for playing "Feel Good," which is TB's favorite Sweet Water song (and also one I had never seen live before) and also "Win," which is my favorite Sweet Water song. The low point for me is when they played "People," from the Parc Boys album. It just didn't have the kick that the recorded version does. Still love the song, just wasn't into it live.

Overall, the show was everything and more than what you'd expect to get from Sweet Water. I had an amazing time and hope to see them again soon!

If you aren't familiar with Sweet Water, you can download a song here at their official website.

I took many photographs of these guys over the years that I was a freelancer/hobbyist. Here are a few of them!
Adam Czeisler (vocals) at Westlake Center.

Cole Peterson (bass) at Westlake Center.

Credo (guitar) Seattle Center (Pain in the Grass concert).

Chris Friel (drums) with Goodness in Orting, Washington.

Original drummer Paul Uhlir at Westlake Center.

Classic Sweet Water from Pain in the Grass 1994, pre-Dudley Taft leaving the band.

You can listen to more Sweet Water sound samples here.


  1. I love it! Brings back so many memories!!! :)

  2. Sweet Water is one of those bands that seemed to help define the memories of my teen years. Their music is still as enjoyable as when I first heard them.

  3. God I love SW. Adam is one of the most sexy, charismatic characters I've ever seen.