Sunday, December 11, 2011


I was encouraged to share some of my funny concert-going adventures from my teens and twenties. Now while I'm okay with that (I just need to drag out notebooks worth of concert journals), I'm concerned that my readers might not find it as entertaining as I do.

I remember a friend once commenting to me on how they never want to end up like that Mellencamp song. You know the one.... "Glory Days"?

I enjoy looking back and laughing at my own expense. I'm just afraid that people would think it was tacky... or even maudlin if I were to revisit things like trying to spit on the pigeons at Dick's or locking myself out of my car at The Capitol Theater in Olympia... or even going to Portland and not being able to find the freeway on-ramp on the way back home.

I believe we are all the sum of our life experiences, so those things matter, if to nobody else but me. Does anyone want to hear those stories?

Concert photos. They make any blog post tolerable...

James Bergstrom of Second Coming:
Danny Newcomb hates this photo:

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