Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cool Stuff from my Cool Stuff collection! (other cool stuff edition)

Here's some more of the odd treasures I found while digging through my storage room. Most of it is photography-related, but not all of it.

You saw the photo passes I posted in the previous post, I hope. Well, this is the other part of the puzzle:

This was once on the wall in the photography room at my high school:

This photo was one of a set that I entered in an radio station art contest, trying to win Pearl Jam tickets. My entry was good enough to make it to final judging, but didn't win. I was under 18 anyway, so I suppose they wouldn't have given me the tickets. Unfortunately, the other photos in the set got lost at the station. The theme was: "Fight Hate, Educate."

Here is the letter the station sent me. You'll see other correspondance from them further along...
Invitation to the school district's art show which I entered twice. One of the entries also made it to the finals but didn't win.

Radio station KISW put on a concert series and various other promotional events during the year. As a photography student, I always wanted a moving target, so I attended many of their events. After a while, I had befriended many of their radio personalities and their promotions guy. I sent a collection of my work to the station and received this note back, ironically when I had just started to think that my calling was radio and not photography.

Later, when I was in broadcasting class, a friend and I got to go down to the station and watch their morning show live from the studio. These are the promotional items they gave to their guests:

This black notebook contains my concert journal from my teen years:

This is the "band" my friend and I created as teenagers. The band: Empty Stage. The hit song: "Five Minutes of Silence." The band never had to practice much...

The above-mentioned friend was quite the artistic talent. I told her I was going to keep all of her notes to me and write a book about her someday. She threatened a very slow, very painful death on me. Most of that stuff has been long left behind over many moves, but here's a little treasure:

I like baseball. Here's my little collection of baseball ticket stubs:

And finally these two trading cards, the only ones I have left from the horror movie collection:

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