Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sick Ducks...

I was actually planning on posting a decent blog entry tonight, but looks like it's not to be. One of my ducks has some kind of upper respiratory thing going on, so I'll be headed out to the feed store for antibiotics on the way home from work tomorrow. Hope my boy hangs on long enough for me to try and help him.

In the meantime, Michael is spending quality time with the little Khaki Campbell who has wet feather. They are under a heat lamp (wet feather makes it hard for a duck to stay warm) and getting electrolytes in the form of Sav-a-chick powder in their water. Crossing fingers that my quackers hang on and start improving.

On another note: Clumsy has been released back into general population even though she is still favoring one foot. I'm at capacity in the duck hospital, so she had to go back with the others. Even with her clumsy manner of waddling, she managed to get up the ramp and put herself to bed, so she'll manage just fine.

Here's some photos of my ducky friends:
The drake in the center is Michael, named after Michael Westen from Burn Notice.
Clumsy Pekin chillin' out.
Michael's sister-duck, Fiona, named after Fi from Burn Notice.

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