Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Some pictures...

...because I'm lacking anything too interesting to write about tonight. Maybe it's because I'm sick, or because I'm tired. Either way, I figured these might be worth the few thousand words I'm struggling to come up with this evening!

I've always enjoyed photography, so here are some shots from my archives. All photos are copyrighted. Share, but please refer to the source!
The above two were taken at the Chelan Gorge, a location in which you are NOT. SUPPOSED. TO. HIKE. They let the dam open, it's game over. The condemned bridge was a favorite party area for Chelan teens back in the day. FTR, yes, we hiked down there.
Crowd surfers. Love them... but only from a distance. These types are responsible for at least two (and possibly three) of the many broken noses I have suffered over the years. What photographer doesn't love being kicked in the face...? Oh yeah... me.
Leisurely bike ride, anyone? This event was held alongside a Sweet Water concert. Can't go wrong there.
It's not just Love, it's the Mother Love Bone Love!
This is the place my dad used to work years ago. The buildings are long gone now and I think this property is owned by the county solid waste department or something now. They put up bigger fences. No more sneaking in to take photos. The north half of the property is now office buildings.
Tribute to Kurt Cobain. No, not a real firearm.
Gasworks Park graffiti guy. Long gone since they've really cleaned up that park. But still, don't eat the dirt.
Feather from a...
Goose! Ha! Thought I was going to say duck, huh?

Huge 'shrooms!
My little friend.
Almost dizziness-inducing. See the face in the water?
That's all for now. These are all really old. I'm saving more for future posts. Revel in the eccentricity!

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