Saturday, January 7, 2012

One of my talented friends...

I've been meaning to share the work of my friend Kim Acrylic for a while now and since her latest musical collaboration is now available on amazon, I figured now would be a good time.

Kim is a talented, dark and sensitive soul. Angsty emotions and visuals abound in her work. Not only that, but she's a darn cool person as well!

Her first volume of poerty, published under her given name is a good, short read. If you can get it on sale or in digital format, it's worth it. However, you can see why she had cause to switch editors after its publication. Apparently in the self-publishing world, you can edit yourself or pay the publisher to edit it for you. And if you do so, it may not be good editing. While flawed, it is still a good read. But if you're a perfectionist, you'll want to skip it.
You can find Coffee Pot Poetry for sale here.

Kim's second volume of poetry, Poisoned Lullabies, picks up where her first work left off. Delving into the subject of addiction, anxiety, love and loss, she evokes dark emotion which is easily related to if one has ever been depressed for a period of their life. I was blessed to watch the evolution of her work as she was writing this one and I enjoyed being a friend and witness to her creative process. Being that we are friends, I can identify the real situations and experiences that shape her work and this one has some real tear-jerkers in it.
You can find Poisoned Lullabies for sale here.

After the release of Poisoned Lullabies, Kim had the opportunity to guest with The Northern Drones, of Ireland, on a music/spoken word CD. Kim's poetry mixes well with the music of The Northern Drones in a psychedelic Doors-inspired groove. This was a good friend to me when making long car trips on rainy days.

You can find this for download or listen to sound samples here.
Kim's third volume of poetry and lyrics brought a publisher change, electing to go through Lulu. Beauty and Noise can be downloaded as an e-book or purchased in paper form, in a magazine-style book. Unless you are a book snob like me who needs to have a real, tangible book in my hands, the e-book is probably the way to go. Beauty and Noise shows the continuing maturation of Kim as a writer and artist.
You can find both versions of Beauty and Noise here.

And finally, Kim's latest collaboration with Cdr, was released earlier this week and can be downloaded on iTunes and amazon. I'm not good with properly describing the techno genre, but I guess I would lean towards describing it as trance. "Record Player" is my current favorite track, but, like all music preferences, it's subject to change at the shifting of my moods.

You can listen to sound samples and download Techno Eyes by Cdr + Kim Acrylic here.
I'm not going to choose favorites amongst Kim's work. Each project has its own merits. Either way, I'm lucky to have such interesting and talented friends!

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