Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow Days...

I have spent the better part of the past two days stuck inside as we've having what they refer to here as a "Weather Event." Yes, it's snowing. Yes, we've had freezing rain. Yes, it's cold and icky out there. Yes, we've ventured out both days. No, we didn't do donuts in parking lots.

I know people who aren't from Western Washington laugh and ridicule us for how we deal with weather. But they forget exactly how hilly our area is compared to a lot of other places. Maybe we're snow wimps. Either that or we just take after Californians. They forget how to drive in rain; We forget how to drive in snow.

As I type, I'm watching little snowflakes fall at high speed, creating a new layer of fluff on top of the frozen crust of yesterdays snow and this mornings frozen rain. It just keeps falling and falling and falling. I want to scream. I wanted to go to work yesterday and I want to go to work tomorrow. Ooh. Now it's going sideways!

When the cabin fever gets this bad, I want to find something, anything, to do. I want to write, read, fold laundry. Anything but sit here and watch the snow fall. I miss being a kid and getting so excited to have a few days off school. I just can't muster enthusiasm for this kind of weather now.

The rumor is that it's supposed to be 44 and wet tomorrow. Here's hoping I can get back to work. I don't like losing pay because of bad weather. I like my money, of which there is never enough!

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