Thursday, January 26, 2012

Do I only talk about ZOMBIES?

No, but I do support a few zombie-related fan events. As I related a while back, nobody knows what will become of Seattle's ZomBcon at this point. They are still low on funding to keep planning events.

I am trying to remain hopeful for Ryan Reiter (Head Zombie) and his crew of undead event organizers. With everything they've been through (from low sponsorships to a lawsuit) this past year, it's been terribly tough to keep shufflin' along. I'm solidly behind anything they plan for 2012, even if it's just a cocktail event, a zombie concert or a pub crawl. Anything to keep moving forward... and as long as there are more events, there's a chance that it'll once again reach the level it was at these past two years.

I don't get to Seattle nearly often enough as I live about 1 1/2 hours from Seattle, even if it is just across Puget Sound. My options are fighting the ferry schedule or driving around and dealing with a toll booth and Tacoma traffic. With my finances in a bit of a bind, it's hard to justify an extra trip.

That said, if ZomBcon decides to go ahead with a fundraising event, I'm going to find a way to get there! Maybe a Zombie Walk with volunteer makeup artists on site for a fee to be donated to the con? Would a club get behind having a Zombie Night with bands and part of the proceeds going to help with future ZomBcon branded events?

These cons cost a lot of money to put on. In fact, I had a little bit of sticker shock. But at least I know my ticket fees were a total bargain!

Names keep getting thrown around for celebrity guests at ZomBcon, but they need to have sponsorships to pay these people. Celebrities are not cheap! If I said I'd be okay if ZomBcon didn't have at least one celebrity or B-celebrity guest this year, I might be lying, but just a little. It's more important to preserve the hopes of future events than it is for me to get my fangirl thrills.

Please check out ZomBcon's Facebook and "like" them to show your support! Also, they are @ZomBcon on Twitter and their official website is HERE.


  1. Having a big event, especially one with celebrity appearances is indeed, very expensive. It takes a lot of work to gather sponsors and vendors. Most people who do this don't even get paid. They put their hard work, time, and sometimes money out of their own pocket into it. It's the passion and love for the genre and fans. Those who attend these events should be supportive. I appreciate your support for the cons. Keep it up, Kelly. It's bad enough those behind the building of these events struggle to pay the bills, but they also endure a lot of scrutiny, judgement, and fake people. I hope all the best for zombcon and wish I could help more. I've always wanted to go to Seattle. Maybe this year I'll make it out there. :)