Monday, January 27, 2014

Wizard World Portland, Part Three

Sunday morning, I was dragging. Tired from not enough sleep, having woken once again at 3am. 

It became hectic pretty quickly after a cup of coffee. Packing and readying to check out from the hotel, though I was hoping to leave my car with the valet while we did our last day of con adventures.

Our hotel was so good to us. Between the extra shuttle stop at the liquor store on Friday, the repeated pickups and dropoffs at the con, the great service, extra coffee, great restaurant and bar and the awesome valet and front desk staff, it was a great experience.

Once packed and the car loaded, I was ready for more fun. First stop: the ticket exchange line. Second: the main entrance line. Third: the Bruce Campbell photo op line. Finally, this stuff was becoming routine. We got into the photo op area well before they started lining us up, but that was okay, we weren't going to do the same song and dance with the lines that we did on Saturday.

Soon enough, it was my turn again. I didn't blink, didn't freak out, just got my picture. Life was good. And Bruce looked good. Mad professor, anyone?
 After that, we rushed straight off to the autograph line. Things went smoothly and we were able to get our autographs. While Kim waited for her second trip through the autograph line, I ran off to meet Robert Englund.

Robert Englund and the Elm Street franchise basically illustrate everything cool about my childhood. Some of my best memories were of renting horror films with my older cousin, listening to rock music, hiding coffee pots in our bedrooms and staying up all night. 

I was a bit nervous to meet Robert, for no reason in the end. I had chosen a rather obscure picture to have signed, having searched high and low for it since I had once had the poster on my bedroom wall, torn out of a horror fan mag.

I took this photo while I was in line because I was too broke at this point to pay for a photo with Robert. Wish I had been able to get one, but maybe next con...

And here's the gem I got signed:
Yes, that's right. From the Dream Warriors music video shoot: Robert Englund as Freddy with members of DOKKEN!

This literally illustrates the best parts of my childhood.
Seriously. Here's me one Christmas Morning with Nightmare 3... I was so thrilled!
And here's me sporting my Dokken shirt back in the day:
 So there I am in Robert Englund's autograph line... 

I say hi and hand him the photo. 

"Where did you get this?"

I tell him I looked all over for it since I used to have the poster on my wall as a kid.

He's excited to see the photo, so I give him the extra print I had.

And that's when Robert Englund starts telling me stories about shooting the Dream Warriors video...

Whoa. I'm standing in front of Freddy Kruger as he's telling me about making a video with Dokken. How cool is that?

Probably as cool as seeing Dokken in a small club about 9 years ago.

I could have never imagined such a thing as a young fangirl. Never. In fact, even Saturday I would have never imagined things going down the way they did.

But there you have it. Proof that I've been fangirling for a really long time!

Seriously huge thanks to Kim, Jane, Mike, Bruce Campbell, Mike Estes, Ted Raimi, Robert Englund, the Wizard World staff, our hotel staff and my understanding husband for making it a weekend to remember forever!

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