Monday, January 27, 2014

Wizard World Portland Adventures, Part Two

Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi gave an impressive performance at their panel. While it was advertised as a Q&A, it was anything but the same old: "When is Army of Darkness 2 coming out?" questions.

No, Bruce and Ted decided they'd just have a little fun with everybody. It seems that illustrating what a bitch filmmaking is was a good theme.

They chose people from the audience and decided to make a hypothetical two-minute movie with a $25 budget.

 It was absolutely hilarious. I told Bruce on Sunday how much I liked the panel and how nice it was to see something other than a standard Q&A.

Other fun parts of Saturday Comic Con:

Cassandra Peterson doing photo ops and signing as Elvira:

After an exhausting day, drinks and dinner with good friends!

Jane: it was good to meet "Precious."

Falling into bed at 11pm never felt so good... until I once again woke at 3am out of habit.

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