Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Portland Countdown, Unfortunate Decapitations and Bruce Campbell lookalike.

I officially have two days to prep for Portland Comicon. I'm not ready at all. Still need to check cameras, pack clothes and such, get the tires on my car checked, print out tickets and con schedule, remove all my work crap from car and find something for Bruce to sign.

I'm excited, but I'm stressed about having everything ready to go once I get off work on Friday. I usually get out around 8-9am, so I have to rush home, shower, pack the car and run. My friend is getting into Portland right about the time I'll be getting home from work. If I had a regular job, I wouldn't have to stress on the shower, but I tend to work dirty jobs. Of course, if I had a regular job, I'd be stuck working all day Friday and not be able to attend the whole con.

I had ordered prints of some photos I took to have Bruce to sign at the con. Imagine my reaction when they arrived today and his head was cut off in every single print! What gives? Having worked in a photo lab, I know that if you have to crop for print size, you do so in a manner to not decapitate your subject. I'll be calling customer service for a full refund tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm now out in the wind trying to decide what to have Bruce sign.

Recently, I met someone who reminds me of Bruce Campbell. Sam Axe-style Bruce to be exact. I think the universe is trying to tell me something, or I could be imagining the resemblance because I'm excited for Portland. Either way, I spend a bit of my time every day trying to avoid getting caught staring at Faux Bruce. The other day, it was several hours of trying unsuccessfully to avoid being distracted. Would it be wrong if I approached a near-stranger and asked him to say, "Give me some sugar, baby!"? I suspect the police would be called.

Lucky for me the Clark Kent-style Dean Cain lookalike isn't working with me now that our seasonal hires are laid off at work. It took me quite a while to figure out who he reminded me of, thankfully another coworker figured it out before I did.

Anyway, keeping with the Bruce Campbell lookalike theme, here's some real Bruce photos that hopefully illustrate what I've been trying to avoid staring at lately...

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