Sunday, December 15, 2013

Working Two Jobs, Cancelling Plans and Something Groovy on the Horizon!

I had to pansy out of Nanowrimo because of my crazy work schedules. Working two jobs is hard under the best of circumstances, but being that both jobs involve a serious amount of physical labor, I'm so far into brokenness and physical exhaustion that I'm barely functional and forgetting important items everywhere I go.

Had to back out of going to see Fates Warning this weekend. I could have afforded the ticket, but my rotator cuff decided to give me the finger and there was no way I was going to be in a crowd of people risking the inevitable: someone bumping into my shoulder would have left me a quivering mess on the floor. A farm buddy of mine went and I'm waiting to get the details.

The upside of all the chaos in my life is that a friend won tickets to Portland Comicon, so she invited me to go with her! Making plans now that require me scraping up travel and fun money. I'm going to need at least $300 of spending money on top of $200-ish for my half of hotel, plus $60 or so for gas... and that's just if I do the Bruce Campbell stuff. Here's hoping this two jobs for the holidays thing works out for the best!


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