Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Geek's Year in Review...

This year has been full of ups and downs. And UPS. That too.

A normal, uneventful farming season ended with a layoff, myriad temp jobs, a complete business disaster and in the end culminated with me crawling back to UPS and begging for them to take me back after 6 years away.

I also wrote a bit and split the blog in two because the farming stuff was overtaking my geeky hobbies. I started Nanowrimo and was on pace to finish until it became obvious that two jobs was all I could juggle. My brief time between temp jobs generated two good short stories and about 20,000 words in a novel I'll probably let die.

I saw Bruce Campbell at a Q&A before Halloween and somehow ended up on stage with him for a minute or so.

My friend won tickets to Portland Comicon and I get to go with her! I bought my autograph tickets over the past few weeks since I actually had a "paycheck." Unfortunately, I'm not so lucky with the second job. I'm out over $300 in gas with nothing to show for it.

So, I have a very part-time graveyard job, no idea where I'm headed employment-wise and tickets to see Bruce Campbell, Robert Englund and Elvira. You have to look at these things as an adventure, otherwise it's downright depressing.

I decided to take this picture to have signed by Robert Englund. Reminds me of everything cool about my childhood:

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