Thursday, December 6, 2012

Seattle, the Ugly Stepsister?

So why is it that every cool thing comes to Seattle…. Two years later?

We have all kinds of cool events, but did we get a real Space Shuttle? Nah, we got a trainer.

It seems like Seattle is the ugly stepsister in the family of coolness. We have cool, eccentric, fun people here who dig all kinds of things from zombies to D&D. Comics, Sci-fi, Sports, whatever it might be, we get it much later and more watered-down than the original version.

We have a Comicon here. It’s probably pretty cool, but my budget doesn’t allow for more than an occasional con if any at all. However, it will never eclipse the original SDCC.

Investors may back ZomBcon, but they don’t want to back a con in Seattle. Their loss. There exists no more dedicated zombie horde in the country. So, as we mourn, we decry how our beloved Sonics left for OKC and we might, maybe, someday get another team. But it won’t be the Sonics. They can call them the Sonics, but they won’t be.

A musician does well in Seattle. What next? Pack the bags and move to Los Angeles.

It’s so disheartening. Not to mention the fact that it reminds me of how desperately I wanted to get away from the Seattle area until Alice in Chains showed up and made our lame city worth living in.

We have so many successful businesses and businesspeople here. Why is it that everything Seattle attempts fails? Is it that people here are so self-centered that they don’t think outside themselves? If so, it results in a second Seattle Freeze: that of our arts and entertainment industry.

Now I cannot simply sit on a high horse. Seattle might be the ugly stepsister, but the place I live… well… it’s kind of like the bucktoothed redneck cousin. While I wouldn’t consider moving for anything, I do wish our “cool” neighbor Seattle was more successful at keeping cool ventures around instead of leaving them to fall flat and die miserably.

Artists, businesspeople, innovators and promoters work very hard to bring us cool events to attend, be it an art show, concert, sporting event or convention. It’s just a shame that Seattle doesn’t come out in droves to support these people. Does Seattle carry a plague of failure?

ZomBcon to Leave Seattle

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