Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

I'm not going to make any silly resolutions. I've found that resolutions are just created to make you feel like a failure. It's all a conspiracy.

That said, I hope things go well and I manage to keep up on the blogging once spring hits. That's the thing about seasonal work...

If I were to make resolutions, they'd be more like wishes on the planet's big rotating birthday cake.

Resolutions like:

* I will attend Portland Comicon and get photos with Bruce Campbell, have drinks with friends and even stay out of trouble!

* I will attend Crypticon Seattle.

* I will attend Emerald City Comicon and meet Wil Wheaton and Patrick Stewart.

* I will sell some photography work and possibly get some photo jobs.

* I will hatch many cute, fuzzy ducklings. (ok, this one I can do)

* I will manage to attend more screenings of Grindhouse Theater at The Grand Cinema.

* I will win the lottery, buy the 22 acres across the road and build a castle with a moat. Then our current house can be turned into the most luxurious duck house in the world! Ok, just kidding about the last part. But I would build the Army of Duckness a much bigger, better home so I can get them more friends!

* To add to the lottery bit, I'd get my own vacation house on a clean, clear lake that's good for swimming and fishing. I'd take the ducks on vacation with us. The Army of Duckness could never be left with a duck sitter.

Garish enough for you?

More realistic:

* I'd miraculously overcome my sugar and caffeine addictions.

* Which would give way to a miraculous weight loss, which would still leave me less skinny than Gabrielle Anwar. Which is a good thing, because if I get below a size 10, my ribs stick out.

* Farming would become a more lucrative job than stock broker. (ok, I'm getting outlandish again)

So, ya'll have a great New Year! Be safe and try not to make fun of your drunk friends too much. Oh, and keep those videos of the New Year's party off youtube. Bad karma there.

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