Monday, December 3, 2012

It's Been So Long....

So, I should be begging forgiveness right about now. I hadn't planned to take a months-long hiatus, but life is busy and I have my hands into so many things that sometimes I forget to write.

Summer was busy and eventful. Between caring for our flock of ducks, our garden, and working at the farm, I had about all the excitement I could handle.

Right now, we're fighting the rain and trying to put in underground water lines at the farm. The first few days weren't too bad, but we hit a little bump in the road today, in the form of a rather large rock...
I'm sore and tired and all my work boots are soaked through. I'm just about to stick those in the dryer for an hour or two.

My duck flock is doing awesome. The ducks finally gave up their egg strike and we're getting 6 eggs a day. Our goose started laying Saturday as well! Coolness.

But while I'm busy as always, I'm trying to find a way to cram more into my days. I spent about two weeks making a Facebook page to go with my Redbubble photography page.

The new Facebook: KellyEvansPhotography
Redbubble: Redbubble
And if you're into ducks: UptonFamilyFarms

Haven't gone out or done anything too exciting lately. No ZomBcon this year, but things might be looking up for next year. *fingers crossed*

I'm trying to collect a list of small businesses and artisans who sell online in order to share the love a bit. I don't have enough money to buy something from each and every person I know, so I thought I'd show my love for them in a different way.

Please make it a point to buy at least one gift from a small business, artisan or farmer this year. You have no idea what kind of difference you can make!

I promise I'll make it a point to post more here. For now, I need to get those boots in the dryer! And don't forget, we'll have some kind of Bruce Campbell themed holiday something again this year. Not sure what, but there will be one!

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