Saturday, August 9, 2014

Musical Guilty Pleasures

As I alluded to in my last post, my coworkers now all hate me for bringing in an mp3 player load of the world's worst music to torment them with each and every morning.

Not that I consider any of that stuff bad music, I just work with a much younger crowd. They have no idea what most of the songs are. And the older crowd (read: management) don't get the eclectic mix of country, 80's pop, 90's punk and whatever indie stuff I'm playing at any given time.

Hey, diverse taste in music is a sign of a well-developed intellect. Oh wait, I don't get paid to think!

So I may as well confess to some of the things I've been subjecting the coworkers to lately...

Yes, I posted this in the last blog post too, but The Bee Gees are my jam right now. I will never skip this track and I always turn up the volume one way or another, even if I'm at the other end of the building. Sorry, not sorry. I love this song even if nobody else does.

Anything by Brand New will never get skipped and will always be turned up loud unless it's so bassy that my little stereo can't take it. Not The Sun, Degausser and Soco Amaretto Lime are my usual jams, but anything by Brand New gets turned up. Again: Sorry, not sorry!

Country. Particularly this song. Hope You get Lonely Tonight will never be skipped and always turned up loud. In fact, I like to start the shift with this one as loud as can be at least once a week.

The one guy who's close to my age actually recognized this song. Not that I didn't hear groans from the peanut gallery when I turned it up with a big sideways grin as is my routine when one of my jams comes on! Never skipped, always turned up loud.

Some of the younger coworkers actually tolerate this one. This is another that I never skip and always gets turned up loud. This is one of my first songs of the work shift as well. I have to start the day with this at least once a week.

Roseanne Cash. Yup. I had this on vinyl when I was a kid. This is seriously my jam right now. Coworkers really don't get this choice at all. Midlife crisis jam? Who knows? I love this song! Always turned up, never skipped.

If there's one person I work with who knows this song other than me, they really need to come forward. I love this song. Always turned up, never skipped. Get over it, guys! I love this so hard!

Here's a gem that I'm sure nobody gets but me. Underappreciated 1990 hard rock, right before the grunge revolution made everyone who dug stuff like this into "buttrockers" in the eyes of their peers. It's for that one person who I really adore but fight with all the time.

Like The Bee Gees, I can't help but love this song no matter how much people laugh at me.

I love Luke Bryan so much that it's not even funny. I'd give up every fangirl mancrush I have for Luke Bryan. At least the nearest coworker to me and passing managers have a taste for country. Doesn't matter the song, Luke Bryan always gets turned up and never skipped.

It's official, I just love so much weird stuff that I can't even start to cover it here. Besides, youtube doesn't have most of my obscure favorites so I can't share that stuff with everyone in cyberworld.

I'm like Debbie Hunt from Singles. I have all these things that I love which nobody else does...

And no, I don't have that MXPX song on my playlist. You know, this one...?

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