Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Note On The Last Blog Post...

I sure blew it. Wrote a big heartfelt goodbye to people who I thought I wouldn't be working with too closely anymore.

Well, after over a month, I'm still in my place in Purgatory. Guess the company thought they were being proactive by overtraining.

I'm okay, still working, just not getting as much money or work as I had expected. Told the bosses I was going to do whatever I had to in order to make my quality time in Package Purgatory fun.

I started taking a radio to work. My coworkers don't like me anymore. The most common greeting I hear lately is "What the hell is this crap?" with "Thanks for turning that shit down!" coming in a close second.

I don't really care too much about what they think. I'm playing by the rules. No cursing or they'll take away my radio privileges. No misloads or they'll take away my radio privileges.

Supervisor came over and made fun of me for jacking up the volume when The Bee Gees came on. "I haven't heard this song since yesterday. And the day before. And 1970!"

Sorry, I've kept a clean playlist, but it's full of my guilty pleasures and you're going to deal with it! Sorry, not sorry!

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