Monday, November 4, 2013

Writing cues, stories not to be shared, and my sporadic participation in Nanowrimo.

I've been going in fits and starts with my Nanowrimo project. Nothing too bad about it, I'm keeping my word count in a safe enough place to not have to stress out and I'm writing other stuff as well, just for variety so I don't get stagnant in the main story.

Right now, the novel is at a predictable point and I'm letting it sit there. No reason to rush through something that should fall into place on its own.

I'm trying to blog often as well, mainly because I'm not able to break my writer's trance at an appropriate stopping point.

Today, I wrote a short story, just because. It's a story about that one friend who seems untouched by the world, somehow ethereal and yet fragile and perpetually broken. I think we all have one of those friends whose being seems to be against every rule of nature, making things look so damn easy and never letting on that inside they are nothing but a ball of suffering, but they're used to it.

There's reasons I don't share most of my work. A lot of it is just too personal. It's also the reason I have a hard time naming my characters, because I fear that someone will see I've used their name and assume that I'm writing about them on some sneaky level, seeking to tear them down or rip them up.

One of these days, I'll have to publish something, or at least share it with my friends here. Who knows when I'll manage to get over the fear of offending others, but I'm writing, and writing needs to be shared. Someday everyone will see what I've been working on. I promise.

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