Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rambling Thoughts...

So, this government shutdown has left me with three extra days of free time each week. No customers, no paycheck. Now I’m left trying to figure out how to fill the time until I find somewhere to go during the day.

I’ve been developing some characters in my head. I’m actually planning to try and write more than the random occasional blog post. The catch: I’m going to do Nanowrimo… which means I can’t put anything on paper until November 1st. I’ve written a little song and drawn a couple second-grade level sketches to keep my from having the idea go *poof!* We shall see.

That means I also have to come up with a pseudonym. That’s been a test. I don’t want goofy, cheesy or fangirly… which are usually aspects that I embrace in anything. Best so far: Kelly Barnes (because I was looking at a barn… sheesh).

In two days of unexpected home time, I’ve discovered that I still go stir crazy if stuck in the house for any period of time. I’ve also discovered that most of my friends come online after 9pm. I’ve found an entire folder of photos on my hard drive called “Fun Stuff.” It’s pictures of Bruce Campbell and ducks mostly. There’s also subfolders in there which are goofy memes and screencaps from various movies.

Right now I’m youtube-video-spamming my facebook account with every song that pops up on my playlist. I’m bored. Really bored.

I should be writing. And working.

I’ve got the last batch of ducklings hanging around. There are 11. They are cute and fuzzy. But they’re in the “I hate you” phase already.

I should apologize to all my friends for being needy and annoying these past few days. I’ve forgotten how to handle being without a purpose.

I’ll try to update everyone once Nano starts. Think happy thoughts for me. My disgruntled novel which is sadly already imitating art… well, hopefully it’ll get written.



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