Sunday, February 26, 2012

What have I been up to?

I don't normally go this long between blog posts, but life gets busy. It's the time of year where every garden plan, wish for more ducklings, improvement to the property, etc gets planned.

The time of year when all I'm typing on the computer is seed inventories and planting plans and duck egg candling results and stuff for work, as well!

I have 11 duck eggs cooking in the incubator, along with 5 chicken eggs. If all goes well, the chickens should be popping out of their shells in one week. The ducklings should arrive a week later. If not, I will be one sad little farmhand.

I have seeds starting in my loft. The loft is filled with the smell of wet peat as I am working towards using up the last of the peat pellets I bought almost two  years ago. Bulk buy = great deal. However, I've found methods I like better in the meantime, so hopefully this year I will finally get those foresaken peat pellets used up.

I've got peppers, kale, celery, chard, collards and spinach on the heat mats. Two weeks from now, the tomato seeds will go in. I also need to start my flowers and herbs. That might come next weekend to keep me busy so I'm not staring into the incubator waiting impatiently for my little chickies!

Now looking forward to warmer weather, an awesome garden, and new fluffy butt ducklings! Not to mention cleaning brooders, shoveling compost and all that other fun stuff.

Last year's seedlings:

Last season's quack-lings (purchased)...

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